August Pro Smart Lock 3rd Generation, Z Wave and Ring Alarm

Hi -

I just set up an August Pro 3rd Generation lock at my house. I have it working with the wifi bridge and homekit, but I have not been able to connect it to Ring Alarm via Z Wave.

I started the connection process and the August App told me the lock needed a Z Wave firmware update. That appeared to complete, and it went into pair mode. I did the same on Ring.

Ring eventually said it couldn’t hear the device; the lock thinks it connected and the app shows it is connected to a Z Wave hub.

Should this work? Can it be connected this way while also set up with Home Kit?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Ok, so I tried again. Got them to talk, but both August and Ring are telling me they don’t like the security protocol and it is not working.

I think the reason why it’s not going to happen with August is the fact of the new models coming out will not use the hub or Z wave at all.
Check out the review here.

Interesting. Be that as it may, this unit has Z Wave and is connecting to Ring but just not working because of a security protocol issue.

I was waiting for a while but I think they don’t want to work on it anymore because of the new locks coming out. Now if I get the new lock will it work? Hopefully someone from Ring will let us know or maybe when the new lock is released it’ll say it works with Ring…

Ok, so I tried again yesterday and this time it paired sucessfully!

However, it only seems to unlock. When I try to lock it, it does not work.

Mike, have you been able to get it to work?

I was able to set it up last night and paired with Z-Wave. It was allowing me to unlock and lock the door from within the app. Now this morning, the device shows as unlocked and won’t allow me to lock it. Seems like it’s no longer syncing with the alarm station.

Hi Mike. Would you be so kind, and let me know the steps you took to make the August Lock work with Ring? Also, were you able to see the camera and lock/unlock from within the same application?