Audio Issues

One of my stick up cams is having an audio issue. I can talk back and forth on it with someone, and if I hit live feed and talk when I play it back, it’s recorded. However, everything else that gets recorded is dead silence. I’ve used a couple different devices, and it’s the same thing. My other stick up cam is completely fine, and picks up the sound. The one having issue is right out in an open room. How can I get it to record audio as well?

Good question @Aaron! If the mic is picking up vocal audio and the speaker is outputting clear audio, at least we know they work. For optimal audio you will want to ensure the connection, or RSSI is better than -60, and that there are no audio disturbances in the area that might be distracting from audio further away, as it sounds to be indoors based on description. If this concern persists, please try to power cycle the cam by unplugging and plugging back in. Let me know if this works! :slight_smile:

I actually just unplugged and repluggedbit back in last night. Seemed to have fixed the issue! Thanks!