Audio is bad as long as my smart watch is connected to my phone

I’ve noticed that the audio goes in and out about every second on the live feed and the recordings. Today I discovered that the problem goes away if I disconnect my smartwatch from my phone. Apparently there is a conflict between the app and the smartwatch. I have a Galaxy S21 phone and Galaxy watch 4. Is there any plan to fix the app so that it works when my watch is connected to the phone? The ring doorbell is almost useless at this point.

Hi @revjocool. I found this Community post where another neighbor was experiencing the same concern as you. There is a response in that post regarding smart watches and the Ring app.

I’ve had to disable bluetooth calls coming through to my Galaxy Watch 5 just so i can use the Ring app to answer my ring doorbell.

This bug has been around for several years.
Given the way the ring app initiates a phone call whilst using liveview, i cant see this being fixed any time soon.

I even paid out for a new Ring doorbell 4 as i thought my old unit was broke.

Ring, please sort this out.

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