Audio from doorbell speaker is bad (fine on phone and Ring online)

I just got a brand new Ring Video Doorbell 2 and I am having issues with receiving audio on the doorbell device. On the phone voices are audible but not on the doorbell. We tested this with a Samsung and Huawei device and both had the same issue. I tried a different access point since I have 2 and both have this issue. The audio fine on the website so the issue seems solely on the doorbell device itself. Any suggestions?

Hey @debontehond ! Just to confirm, you tested the audio on 3 devices, a samsung, huawei, and web browser/ computer? If the audio is operating as intended on one of the above, this would narrow it down to the Samsung and Huawei Android devices. Please confirm if this is the experience you are having, thank you.

Just to be clear: the audio is only bad on the receiving end of the Ring Doorbell device itself. So: the sound coming from the doorbell speaker is not audible and you cannot hear what is being said from inside the house. Audio is fine on the Samsung, Huawei or website. And yesterday I also had Ring Customer Service test by adding them as shared user and the audio was still bad on the receiving end of the doorbell.

It seems the speaker on the doorbell is broken.

Thanks for clarifying this, as well as being resourceful in reaching out to our support team. If the concern is persisting on various devices, I agree our support team will be the best help for reaching a solution. Feel free to keep us updated on the resolution :slight_smile:

May I ask whether anyone (else) is finding that their doorbell speaker “buzzes?” Audio feeds through in a timely fashion, but the speaker sounds like a bumblebee has marbles in his mouth. Is this a defect, or perhaps an installation issue? As with the original author of this thread, audio and internet throughput quality toward the app and devices is fine. My issue is only with the production of sound at the doorbell.

FOLLOWING I am here because I have the same issue. It sounds like the volume is turned up to loud and it is distorted to the point you can not makeout what is being said by the person inside the house. I am speaking from the point of the person outside the home at the doorbell.