Audio capabilities of indoor camera

Hi. My employer has several indoor Ring cameras in our workplace, and I think they are using the audio feature as well. I’m wondering 1.) if the microphone can pick up whispering and 2.) if it can pick up conversations that take place while music is playing on a speaker in the room. I can understand an employer being concerned about theft and wanting to use a camera, but I’m wondering if employees at my workplace may also want to stop discussing anything personal in the main work area, in the break room, etc., that we wouldn’t want an employer to hear (on topics related to the workplace, or on entirely personal topics). Thank you.

Hi @user23252. Ring Security Cameras record video and audio when the Live View is active or when they detect motion. The owner of the device can activate the Live View, and view previous events in the Ring app if they have a valid Ring Protect plan subscription in place. If you feel comfortable, I’d recommend discussing the use of the Ring Cameras with your employer to see how they are being used in the workplace.