Audio Bad When Mobile Device on WIFI Network

Installed a new Ring 2 Door Bell. I could here the person at the door “ok” they said my audio sounded garbled. I reset the device same result. I turned off wifi on my phone and ipad and the audio was good. Thoughts about issue? My stuff: I have fiber to my modem with rocket speed. Test result through the app 106/173 Mbps up/down 15ms ping(Ookla app 353/415Mbps 4ms)/ Doorbell is about 30 feet from router. All tests on it show good.

Hi there, @Tansey! Since you’re able to hear the audio well from both ends when the Wi-Fi is not enabled on your phone, this may be problem centered around your phone’s connection to the Wi-Fi. I recommend trying to give your router a reboot to help refresh all things connected to the router, and possibly a reboot to your phone as well. It could also be good to check the RSSI for your device, this Community article explains how to interpret the RSSI. Hope this helps!