Audio alerts is faint on my new iPad

I have been using my ring doorbell for 1 year without any issues on my iPhone and my iPad until now. I have just replaced my iPad with a new iPad and now when I get a motion or ring alert, the audio alerts on my iPhone is as it always was (loud as I have set it) however now on my new iPad which I have ensured that all settings are identical to my iPhone, I can barely hear the audio alerts! I have removed and reinstalled the ring app on the iPad but this has not solved the issue. BTW my iOS is 14.3

What can I do to solve this issue?

Thank you,

Hi there, @Landrro1! Great call on checking your IPad settings. I recommend also checking your Ring app settings, as there is a volume and alerts tones option in the Device Settings for your Doorbell. Increasing this App Alert volume and your IPad volume should result in the experience you are looking for. If not, please ensure there is not a vpn or bluetooth enabled on the IPad, or any 3rd party apps operating that might be interfering with audio performance on the device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: