Audible notifications not working in Ring App on Samsung Galaxy 7, 9, 20

I have been on multiple calls and chats with tech support to no avail. Since I have the same problem across 3 devices, all with the most current version of Android and the Ring App available for each individual device, it has to be a conflict with something Samsung or Android . This has been going on since the beginning of the year. Tech support says no one else is reporting this issue, but I find that hard believe given I have three devices that don’t work. It’s become incredibly frustrating. Because no one has solved this mystery I had to spend money on a chime I shouldn’t need to avoid missing people coming to my door and package deliveries. If I reboot the devices, they will work for an hour, 6 hours, 5 minutes. Simply no rhime or reason. Rebooting the devices constantly is the only solution at the moment. Any ideas gang?
P.S. All settings have been checked multiple times so just don’t go there.

Hi @SeahorseOne. Do you have any bluetooth devices such as a watch or headphones that could be conflicting with this audible notification? It was brought up in the Community in the past that some people with a Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch were unable to hear the Live View, no longer get audible notifications, and other sound related concerns surrounding when those devices were connected via bluetooth and using the Ring app. The relief that some neighbors found was through downloading and using the Rapid Ring app for audible notifications and sounds in Live View as we find a way to work around this. Does this seem to fit the case for you?

Interesting, but no bluetooth watch or headphones here. No new bluetooth devices in the house period in the last 6 months and all the ones I do own are only turned on when using. Everything was working fine prior to the end of January. This was especially bad timing because we had a package thief preying on our neighborhood about the same time. I needed to hear the motion & doorbell tones to know when there was a package delivery so I could bring it in imediately. The only good news is I finally had a package stolen, and caught the guy on camera perfectly. The police picked him up a week later. Before the next theif starts making the rounds would sure like to resolve this issue.

@SeahorseOne I’m so sorry that happened to you but it sounds like you got it resolved! One last step to try, if you have not already, is to remove the Ring app from your phone, reboot your phone (turn it off/on) and then reinstall the app. From there, log back in to refresh your app preferences and let me know if that helps with the audible sounds. If it does not, try the Rapid Ring app and let me know if that helps too!

The package thief is resolved, yes, the lack of audiable alerts, no.

The uninstall reinstall, on/off , already been done multiple times on all the devices. That does not resolve the issue.

I have to question why I should need to install ANOTHER app. Why can’t Ring to fix theirs? It all began with the app update that happened in January. Someone needs to figure this out. It’s not the first time that there have been problems with the audiable. There was another issue a couple of years ago.

@SeahorseOne Thank you for letting me know you’ve done that troubleshooting step. I appreciate that. At this time, in order to get proper troubleshooting follow up, I recommend to stay in contact with our support team. I know you have said you have already done this, but I recommend to give them a call and request to speak to the level 2 support, especially since you have already called in about this. We are a neighbor to neighbor forum and not a direct line to support, so I want you to know that I can pass on your feedback to the appropriate teams, but to get timely follow up for your exact concern, it will have to be directed to our support team over the phone!

I do of course continue to recommend trying out the Rapid Ring app anyways, especially if you do not have time to call the support team, or want to maybe wait and see if it can be resolved with a future update. I do appreciate your patience, and feel free to let us know how the support call goes, or how using the Rapid Ring app instead works!

The reason I posted here is because Level 2 has not resolved this as of this time. I am tired of calling in and having to start at step 1 of the diganosis over and over again. I have already wasted hours of my time of this still unresolved issue.

Hi, i have a similar issue.

I can get notifications on my 5 year old tablet, buit not on my galaxy note 20, or before that the note 9. both use version 3.31.0. The note(s) are otherwise perfect, normal notifications etc

i have done all the usual stuff. have uninstalled and reinstalled, checked all obvious settings a million times, rebooted etc . I can see notifications but not hear them.

But works on one, not the other. Any ideas welcomed!

Hi @jeffO1. Sounds like you already have to basic troubleshooting covered, so I’ll give you a few extra things to try. Check this list here that contains apps that are known to conflict with the Ring app. I would also try clearing all the notifications on you phone and checking the specific notifications settings. Sometimes, if your notifications cache is full, it will block future notifications from populating. I hope this information helps!

I have the Samsung note ultra and I’m having the same exact issues so you are not alone.