Audible alarm

I recently installed the ring alarm in my home. I’m having an issue where I have a delay on my entry into the home to disarm the system but the audible alarm sounds immediately. I’ve tried to figure it out but am having no luck

Hey @CoreyFrey23. When you walk into your home to disarm your system, what sensors are you interacting with? If you’re interacting with a sensor that is not set up to have a delay, this may be why. You can see what sensor has a delay and which ones do not by going into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Sensor in question > Gear Icon at the top right > Placement. You will see there are a couple options under Placement, and please ensure the sensor you are interacting with when leaving and entering your home is set to have a delay. This will require you to label it as Main Door or Entryway (for motion detectors). You can label as many sensors as you need with Main Door or Entryway to help you out here. Hope this helps!

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