Arming Camera Sirens

How do I get the camera sirens to go off when motion/recoding is detected? Without adding the alarm system? Is this a function? Is this a setting?

Hey @jhf4911. The camera’s sirens will only go off when prompted and cannot be set to automatically go off. You can trigger the siren at any time via the Live View for the camera with the siren feature, or from the Device’s profile in the Device list.

I have purchased Floodlight Camera Pro for use in a garage where I was hoping to arm it from midnight to 5AM such that if anyone entered, the lights and siren would activate. Is this a potential future feature that the alarm could be armed to activate when motion is detected (when Ring is in Home or Away mode only)?

Ring moderators here will tell you to make this suggestion in the Feature Request forum. I’m not sure how many votes a request needs to get before Ring will consider implementing a change.

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