Arming and disarming from wired system

I have an existing wired system which works fine. I’d like to add a Ring Alarm Pro to get monitoring, Backup Internet and some additional sensors. The wired system has wired keypads at every door. They work well and never need new batteries.

So, I’d like to find a way for the wired system to arm and disarm the Ring system.

The wired system has outputs for “Armed” and “Disarmed” indicators. Perhaps I could use these to trigger something that would tell the Ring to Arm or Disarm. (To please the Rube Goldberg in all of us, I envision a voice unit that says “Alexa, arm system!”)

Can anybody think of a more stable solution?


Phil Esterhouse

and, Hey, Listen Up! Let’s be careful out there!

Hi @PhilEsterhouse. The Ring Alarm Pro won’t be able to communicate with your wired alarm system directly. You may be able to work something out using a Routine within the Alexa app, but that depends on what Routine options are available and if your existing wired system can communicate with Alexa at all. You can find steps on creating a Routine in the Alexa app here. I hope this information helps as you figure out which setup works best for you. :slight_smile: