Are you frustrated how long it takes to launch the App after a ring?

This is a gripe I have and everyone I know who has a Ring doorbell has the same complaint. So treat this as a public service announcement. I have the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

In short Ring door bells are useless if you want to see who is at your door “immediately”. Even on the newest and fastest iPhones the delay between the ring alert and eventually getting a live stream is far far too long. This is the case even when I’m home on the same WiFi network with strong signals at all devices. I’m a network engineer so believe me, my signal is strong and my Internet connection is very fast. Really Ring need to sell an always on (or immediate on on alert) wall or table screen so we have something to look at when someone rings. No one in the family bothers looking at the App anymore due to the delay, we just open the door. So sort of defeats the purpose. I’ve now installed CCTV with an always on internal screen so as to overcome this delay issue. So as a doorbell Ring gets a 1 our of 10. As a recording/history device it is OK so 6/10.


I just installed our Ring Pro after throwing away another doorbell system which was terrible.

Does the live on the APP work for anyone?? Commercials show them talking to folks immediately

I too have encountered this lag. If someone comes to the door and presses the doorbell button, then they stand there waiting for a response, you can respond to the app notification and go to live view. What does not work well is the case where someone comes up to deliver a package, rings the doorbell, then walks away. In that situation, by the time you get the app notification and go to live view, they will be gone. Then there is a several minute lag before the motion event that occured when they approached the Ring doorbell shows up in the app. So if you want to know what happened, you either have to wait a few minutes for the app to show the motion recording or you go to the door yourself and look to see why the doorbell rang. It seems to me like the unit should maintain a video buffer with a some amount of negative and positive time recorded from present. So if somone rings the doorbell, you should immediately be able to open the app and see the small amount of time prior to the ring event. I don’t understand why you have to wait minutes or longer for this to show up in the app.