Are there different "Video Doorbell Pro" models? (and different Chime Pro models?)

Can anyone tell me the difference between the Ring Video Doorbell Pro at BestBuy selling for $249.99 and the (supposedly) same Ring Video Doorbell Pro in the bundle with Chime Pro for $199.99 (this makes no sense).

$249.99 item shows Ring Video Doorbell pro model 8VR1P6-OENO while the
$199.99 bundled Ring Video Doorbell pro has model 8VR1X8-OENB

Same with the Chime Pro in the $199.99 bundle shows a Chime Pro extender with 2 antenna with circular-grilled front panel with horizontal ‘Ring’ name while a Chime Pro by itself shows a classier looking Chime Pro with a vertical ‘Ring’ name on the side and no antenna.?

Hi @PMM1. The Ring Pro and Chime bundle from Best Buy appear to be the older versions of their current model. For example, the Chime Pro in the bundle is the generation 1 and we are now on the generation 2. These devices are are still great and function as intended, they’ve just been enhanced for the generation 2. Most notably, the appearance is different but it will still provide the same experience. I hope this clears things up for you!

Is the video doorbell pro an older version also? I know you said the chime pro was generation 1