Are the old 2019 Battery Doorbell 2 and 2020 Battery Doorbell 3 basically the same now?

I have both (one used just as an outdoor cam and the other I just installed at the front door). I recall way back there were different motion zone and detection settings. But now in the app and features, I think they are the same? Or am I missing something?

One thing I learned is that the brackets (wedge and corner) are not the same between the two (slightly different screw hole positions). Both have removable battery, and the 3 adds 5 GHz band, but aside from being dated vs Pro models, are they effectively the same?

Here’s the links from the Ring website (not sure if old or updated details though). Thanks!

Ring Video Doorbell 2 (2019)

Ring Video Doorbell 3 (2020)

Hi @stuman74. The Video Doorbell 3 has some slight improvements. As you called out, the 3 adds 5GHz as well as improved motion detection. Aside from that, they are very similar in appearance and operation. The Video Doorbell 3 + is where the differences really were apparent. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


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