Are Spotlight Cam Pro/Plus wired DRILL HOLES same as original model's drill holes?

Hi. I’d like to replace my original Spotlight Cam Wired with either the newer Pro or Plus wired models. Do either of these have the wall mount drill holes in the same position as the original model? i.e. can I re-use the same holes in my wall or do I have to fill the old holes and drill new ones?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Gary_f. The newer Plus/Pro models will not align with your existing mounting bracket. The holes are just slightly different than the previous version. If you want to use your old bracket, you could take the camera out of the ball joint and place it in the old bracket.

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Hi Tom. That’s interesting to know. Thank you very much for your reply. Hopefully that won’t invalidate the warranty of the new camera?


Hi @Gary_f. This will not invalidate your warranty.

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