Are some ring devices not compatible with each other?

I installed a ring doorbell pro to the front door and it works brilliantly. I then went to install a ring doorbell wired to the backdoor and it comes with a jumper to bypass the mechanical chime. The pro came with a pro power hook up that hooked into the existing doorbell.

I did not put the jumper in and when I hook up the ring wired it just spins blue. No white spinning ring for setup.

are these two incompatible with each other?

Hi @Bthom50. The Doorbell Pro 2 and Doorbell Wired can be installed at the same time. Your Doorbell Wired needs the Jumper Cable installed in order to work correctly. The Jumper Cable will go on the trans terminal and rear terminal. Your trans terminal will have the Jumper Cable and Pro Power Kit overlapping each other, which is fine.

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