Are shared users able to turn off motion detection?

I just installed my Ring doorbell about a week ago. I added my SO as a shared user. Since then there have been 3 different occasions that he had returned home when I was not there without me getting a notification. Otherwise, I get notifications for everyone else that comes near the door. Is it possible that he is turning off motion notifications or motion detection temporarily so that I don’t know when he gets home? If so, is there anywhere that I can see if that is what is happening? Like a log somewhere in the app that tells me when those features are paused or disabled?

Hi @RB1979. Verify if the motion was logged in the Event History, to narrow down if the problem is with notifications or with motion detection itself. Shared Users cannot manually turn motion detection on or off, nor can they disable motion notifications for someone else’s phone. However, motion detection can be controlled within the Modes settings. If you have a Ring Protect plan, which enables Modes settings, Shared Users do have access to changing the Mode.

Otherwise, it’s always recommended to review your Motion Zones and other motion settings. These may vary slightly from device to device. For example, battery powered Ring Doorbells have a Motion Frequency setting that you can adjust, which will impact the motion detection. For more in-depth assistance, you can reach out to our support team via phone, or on Facebook @Ring.

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