Are new Car Cams being shipped anytime soon ? I have one with estimated delivery on May 19th but not yet delivered ? Is there an update on new shipment?

Are new Car Cams being shipped anytime soon ?
I have one with estimated delivery on May 19th but not yet delivered ?
Is there an update on new shipment ?

Hi @bublu1992. Since the Ring Community is a public forum, we don’t have access to order details. We have some general information on how to check your order status here. For further questions about the status of your order or shipping estimates, you’ll want to contact our support team. If you purchased your Car Cam from, or a different retailer, make sure to follow up with that retailer to inquire about your order.

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Hey Neighbors. We apologize for the delay in the shipment of the Ring Car Cam and we understand how inconvenient this is. Delays have persisted longer than expected, so we want to refund and cancel said orders. Within the next 7–10 business days, you should receive an email confirming that your order has been canceled. Thank you for your patience on this.

I’m on a list of a couple dash cam distributors and received a report that the Ring Car Cam has been discontinued… This agrees with many other reports. Upon visiting Ring’s site, I found nothing of such news. So, I decided to call Ring support to get the scoop.

FWIW… I talked to a C/S representative (800-656-1918) for about 30 minutes. He agreed that Ring will not be shipping any more product and is in the process of cancelling all orders made through Ring. He also encouraged me to contact Amazon and deal with them direct - and to also relay this information to them. I found that a bit odd… isn’t Ring Amazon owned?

My case is a bit unique in that I purchased 2 cams in Jan '23 from Amazon and had problems with one right away. So I requested a replacement from Amazon and returned the bad one so I wouldn’t get changed for a 3rd. My replacement order has been mixed in with all the others with no sign of seeing it anytime soon. So I have money in this cam owed to me…

Right after talking with Ring’s C/S, I called Amazon C/S (888-280-4331) and danced with the ‘AI robot’ until I could speak to someone. (just keep saying ‘agent’ and then when prompted ‘ring car cam’ for a topic). Once live, the representative could not confirm what I was reporting… I explained the issue and eventually (30 minutes later) was refunded for the replacement that I will never see.

Because of the nature of this whole marketing mishap and nothing EVER being fixed or upgraded (never had a firmware update), I wasn’t accepting this refund alone. I feel Ring/Amazon need to come clean with the thousands of owners out there… I still own my original cam, have money in it, never had any issue fixed, and I want my money back! So, my discussion with the Amazon C/S rep continued for another 25 minutes… I explained that even though I have had this over a year, I feel that Ring will eventually just drop all the support, possibly discontinue LTE contracts/renewals, and just ‘brick-wall’ us all (stop taking calls related to the ring Car Cam). This leaves me with an almost worthless Ring Car Cam. I’m simply just NOT putting up with that and walking away. They are a HUGE company and I shouldn’t have to feel belittled by this.

Eventually, the Amazon C/S rep agreed and issued a return for my original 13-month-old ring Car Cam. The Amazon return system automatically generated a discounted refund amount (roughly 75-80%), so I’ll take what I can get (which is pretty good, considering) … and get out of this circus completely.

I would like to see Ring make the effort to recall ALL product and refund everyone [some] money. I know the cost would be enormous, but feel it’s the right thing to do. I know the bulk of current owners will never read this post, but to me, it’s a start…

Good Luck!