Applewatch preview not working

Hi. Not sure if ring people pick this up but on my apple watch when there is motion or someone at the door I get notified, bring my watch up top look it shows the ring logo and immediately goes away again, I briefly see a picture but boom its gone.

This behaviour only happens with ring notifications so presumably its something for you guys to look at.

Hi @garethsnaim. This sounds like you’re referring to Rich Notifications, which sends you a snapshot image of what’s happening at your Ring Doorbell or Camera so you can see what’s going on without opening the Ring App. You can read more about Rich Notifications in our Help Center Article here. With that in mind, while models of Apple watch and Android Smart Watches will show Rich Notifications, smart watches are not officially supported by Ring. This means we can’t guarantee that Rich Notifications will work correctly on smart watches, but we appreciate your feedback. I hope this helps clear things up a bit. :slight_smile: