Apple Watch OS6.1 motion image preview

My wife and I both have Apple watches and iPhones. On my wife’s Apple Watch she gets a Camera image preview when she gets a Motion notification and on my Apple Watch I just get a text motion Notification with no image.

I have searched through all the settings and compared our settings. I have been unable to get my notifications on the Apple Watch to include the camera image preview. even re-installing the ring app on the iPhone and restarting both devices I still get the same text only notification but my wife has a Camera image and the text on her watch.

I know this is a widely requested feature and I’m surprised to see it working on one device but not another. How do we get this image preview included with our notifications on our Apple watches?

My brother does get a picture with his report and on his apple watch since 22-12-2019. i dont jet perhaps they are rolling this out, I hope it gives a lot of added value

Interesting… I too started to get an image capture with my notifications on my Apple watch on Sunday (in fact on iphone and on appe watch). However my husband wasn’t, so I updated his app and then he too was receiving them. However the following day, they stopped for both of us! I have no idea why and until this post I hadn’t found anything online to show that it was a feature?! So following with interest!

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I was very happy when I first noticed the image preview on my Apple Watch & iPhone. Then as quickly as it arrived… it was gone. Hoping it returns soon as a Christmas present for all of us who have been patiently waiting for it!


Also had this for one day around 12-22, now its gone. I changed the notification settings to allow full preview when locked, still doesnt display image. Does RING have any input here???

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Yes I wonder what’s happening and why it was only available for about 12 hours. Please RING bring it back!?

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Noticed the new notification and it was great - bring it back!


Same here. I was excited about it, great new feature! Then it stopped. Boo. What happened?



I got the image preview on my Apple Watch too for a short period of time and it was superb. Can’t see how to get it back and this is the only place I have seen it mentioned anywhere - here’s to hoping Ring bring this back. PLEASE.

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I had exactly the same experience. And then it disappeared.

need it back.

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Any news on this? I had them, and now they have gone. My notifications aren’t working correctly at all now.

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I called ring today and they recommended I reset the spotlight camera. I’m not home to do that, but I see others have also gotten the preview on their watch and it has stopped. They played dumb to this on the phone today. I’d like to see it come back as well. I assume ring monitors this forum, as they host it. Can someone clarify this for us. It seems to be a popular feature.

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My wife is still getting it, but I never have. What a great feature.

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My applt watch was compatible for about a day or so as well, after my husband connected the Ring after xmas… and then has stopped working and I cant for the life of me figure out how to get the notifications back. :frowning: hopefully one of you guys can figure it out!

Ring recomended I reset the camera. This is what they sent.

It was a pleasure speaking with you today. We talked about your Floodlight Cam.

Here are the steps on how to hard reset your Ring device:

  1. Press and release the setup button (on the top of your Floodlight Cam)
  2. Wait for the light on the camera to turn off
  3. Open and login to the Ring application
  4. Tap 3-dash line on the upper left corner
  5. Follow the steps on the link starting Step Three on this link:

    That link they provide requires you set it up as a new camera. the barcode is on the back, so it requires I remove it from the wall. I replied that if I remove it from the wall, it goes back to Costco.

Will be interesting to hear if these resets actually work, so please do let us know. For info it is the Video Doorbell Pro I have… No change on my notifications since my first post. It just worked for about 12 hours sadly.

Please RING answer on here, as I’ve been unsuccesful getting any further help on messaging. Thanks.

@Jeffola the barcode is also on a piece of paper inside the cardboard box you purchased that contained the camera.

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Resetting and re-adding is not a solution, it just got you off the phone. But I thought I would try, nothing, same bull.

I literally woke this morning to see the image preview both on my Apple Watch and iPhone which was great - only for it to disappear an hour later. Why is this happening and how do we get it back Ring???

Ok, so I messaged Ring from their Facebook page. And they suggested deleting the app and then reinstalling it and then shutting off my cell and turning it back on after deleting the app. Then once phone is back on reinstall the app!
Well my son just left for school and I got the notification on my watch! ?. Now let’s hope this lasts more then 24 hours. However, the old way of turning off and on, worked. Try it everyone. ??