Apple Watch Notifications OS7.2

With the most recent Ring app I get a picture preview of the notification from my Ring Door Bell. It flashes the notification 3 times before I can interact to snooze notifications for 30 minutes, 1 hour or dismiss.
This is on IOS 14.3 and Apple Watch 6 using Watch OS 7.2. I preferred the older method I did not get a preview of the video of the notification and just had option to dismiss, snooze 30 minutes or snooze 1 hour. The notification occurring 3 times is clearly a bug. What can I do to resolve the issue.

Hi there, @Earrhdog! In some cases, in order to ensure you receive notifications as fast as possible, you may receive multiple notifications. A regular notification to your smartphone will be sent as soon as possible and then that notification will be updated with an image. It is likely that this is what is occurring on the Apple watch. Learn more about the new Rich Text Notifications feature, including how to enable or disable, via our help center article. As we always value our neighbors feedback, I will certainly pass this along to our teams here. :slight_smile:

I have this issue. It is definitely a bug. No other app repeats the notification over and over on the watch. The lack of support from Ring for this clear bug is disappointing. It only started happening in watchOS 7, it never happened before. To assume that this is normal is just irresponsible.

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I also have the same issue and would like to see a fix that allows one time notifications on an Apple Watch. I like the Rich Text Notifications but I have turned them off due to this bug. I would prefer to have full access to the Ring features and not have to use a reduced set because I have an Apple Watch.

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Can we have this acknowledged as bug and get it fixed? rather than just saying turn something off as it doesn’t work properly

This is incredibly annoying I get the notification four times every single time. I have now turned off notifications because it’s no longer a feature