Apple id not UK - can't use Ring?

I bought Ring alarm and loads of accessories. But I can’t download “Ring - Always Home” because “your account is not valid in the US store” (meaning US App Store on iPhone). It seems I have to change my apple id country to be able to. I moved from US to UK 14 months ago and everything else works fine. My apple id is linked to loads of accounts and it seems I would have to cancel all of them, change country and download and set them all again. Is there a solution that will let me use Ring in the UK without changing my entire Apple id identity and not just ship the alarm system all back to the Amazon store?

Hi @bob41. Did you purchase the Ring Alarm from the US or the UK? The Ring Alarm system is region specific and cannot be used in a region other than the one it was made for. If you are unable to download the Ring app from the App Store on your iPhone due to regional limitations, it might be best to reach out to Apple support to see if there is a way to resolve this. :slightly_smiling_face:

are you searching for the ring app directly in the app store, or using a qr code to get to it? If you get this error when searching directly in the store then you are going to get this error on other ios apps as well and will need to change your app store country - this is an ios issue, not the ring app specifically.

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