App uses large amounts of data even when not viewing videos

Greetings, when I leave my house and open the app to set “away” mode, inevitably my cellular provider warns me of a data usage spike. I pay by the gigabyte, and simply opening the app will use at least 1GB. It’s nuts and expensive. Maybe it’s because when I leave, I’m in the middle of switching from wifi to cellular or something, and the app continues caching videos as if it’s still on wifi. Either way, this bug costs me more than ring professional monitoring does. Please fix!

Here are two separate occurrences from two different billing cycles:

Hi @dm2. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. A few questions here to give me a better understanding of the situation. What type of phone are you using and what version of the Ring app is installed? Also, how many ring devices do you have connected to the Ring app and are they using the Snapshot Feature? How often do you use Live View or view recorded events when on cellular data? This information will help the Community best address this.

Hi @Tom_Ring, I’m using an Android Pixel 5 with Ring app version 3.39.0. I basically never look at the live view or recorded view while on cellular. I think I did it once when I got an alert about a person detected in my back yard. I have a PoE doorbell, two indoor cameras, and two floodlight cameras. Snapshot is set to 1 minute for everything. Let me know if you need more details!

It just happened again, I set away mode and got a usage spike alert. This time I even waited until clearly not on wifi, in case the transition was the problem. Why does it need 800MB for me to set away? Can I set “away” with a homescreen widget or with FastRing?

@Tom_Ring another “away,” another $10; is there another way I can set away from my phone, and just disable cellular data in the ring app?

Hi @dm2, happy to chime in here. Your phone may have its own settings to allow you to control which apps can use cellular data and which require wifi, but these would be independent settings within your phone. You may also want to contact your cell phone carrier to make sure everything within your data plan is set up properly as well. There are no specific settings or controls in the Ring App regarding your data or wifi on your phone, so I hope these suggestions can help point you in the right direction.

Thanks @Caitlyn_Ring , what I’m hoping for is a way to set “away mode” while on cellar that doesn’t also cost me $10 in data. Two ideas are for the app to not pre-cache videos on cellular when on the main dashboard screen, or a separate app or widget for setting alarm modes. Hopefully that makes sense, as I’d still like to use ring for security reasons while on cellular if I need to.