App Update 3.18.0 - Push problems

After the latest update to the Ring app (3.18.0) I no longer receive alerts pushed to my Fitbit Versa… I still receive alerts from other apps that I was receiving before the update… my wife still has the old Ring app (3.17.0) and the alerts are still being pushed to her Fitbit Versa. I still receive the Ring alerts on my phone but I keep my phone on silent as I am used to receiving alerts on my smart watch… anybody else having this problem and if so have they figured out a fix? I even reinstalled both the Ring app and the Fitbit app on my phone but I still do not receive any alerts.

Hey @jaktar ! Sorry to hear this is happening with your Fitbit. We’ve seen neighbors have luck with the following to resolve notifications concerns with Fitbit and Ring:

  1. Visit the Fitbit app
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Select Versa
  4. Scroll down and select “Notifications”
  5. Select “App Notifications”
  6. You will see Ring Video Doorbell as an option under apps that Fitbit can send notifications to, for the Versa. Select Ring Video Doorbell.
  7. Turn this option on.

Feel free to check with the Fitbit Community as well. Hope this helps!