App setup not getting past "Select how your stick up Cam will connect to the internet" after "The light is flashing"

When trying to connect the camera using the app, I can only get the the “Wait for Stick up Cam to enter setup mode.” The light flashes blue and I go to the next step, which is “Select how you Stick Up Cam will connect to the Ethernet port.” When I choose Ethernet, it does not do anything and I cannot proceed past here.

I assume you are plugging the network cable directly into the back of your router? If so, start the setup again and check the back of your router where the network cable is plugged into. It should have one flagging light and one solid light, both green. These lights mean 1 the port has a connection (solid light) 2- it is sending elreceving data (flashing light ).
If this is not happening try reseating the cable at both ends

Hi, I eventually worked this out. I do not think I was close enough to the camera on the previous attempts.

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