App says video doorbell 3 is offline- How to fix?

My ring video doorbell 3 has been working well for a long time - until today. Today my ring app says the video doorbell is offline. The router says it is not connected to the video DB 3. The battery is fully charged. Nothing else has changed.
How do I get my video DB 3 back online?

Update: the router now sees the video DB3, but the Ring app still says the DB3 is offline.

Hi @Nelsonb. Have you tried triggering a test event on the Doorbell, such as ringing the Doorbell or triggering a motion event by walking in front of it? You can also try activating the Live View in the Ring App, as any of these test events should force the Ring Doorbell to update its status in the Ring App. If none of those work however, I would recommend following the steps under the Device Health screen to reconnect your Doorbell to wifi. Let me know how that works! :slight_smile: