App not working

So 2 months into owning a Spotlight, the product doesn’t work anymore after I took out the battery to recharge. It flatly refuses to connect to the network. I can’t count how many resets I’ve done on my modem, the Ring network doesn’t show up.

I can’t get anyone to help and it’s too late to return the product.

Should I just chalk this up to one of the expensive lessons in life and move on to a different brand?

I’ve tried on Android and my iPad, still having connection issues.

Hi @Fiifi, what happens when you are going through the setup? If you could take a screenshot of the page you get stuck on this will help the neighbors in the Community better asses your concern. Please note that a full charge of the battery does also take 4-10 hours, or until the lights on the battery are just green, not orange and green.

Additionally, you can reach out to our support team at anytime here for quickly and timely support so they can investigate this for you and get it back up and running!