app not showing solar charging recently

i got update on android to 3.32.1 this week and now the app doesnt show solor charging on either stickup cam, yet backyard has sunlight hours each day facing south. it used to work fine. installed on work iphone version 5.32.1 and same issue with app, something got creamed in app. it has worked on both for 2 years fine.

Hi @alan1176. What does it say for power source for the Stick Up Cam? Also, what is the battery level of the Stick Up Cam? The Solar Panel will start charging the device once it reaches 90%. Let me know if this is the case!

the front stickup cam is at 80% and did show connected today durng daylight hrs even though it was not getting direct sunlight today.

The rear camera dn solar face south and chrged up to 100% during daytime but never showed connected. It proabably never dropped to 90% sicne it gets sun every day, but front due to sun moving with season gets limted sun during daytime


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