App no longer shows me motion

I’ve had a Ring Doorbell 2 and a spolight cam for at least a year. It’s been satisfactory. Just recently I added a Stick Up Cam (Battery).

It looks like, when I setup the new cam, the app took the opportunity to update itself. Now I have a whole new interface with a timeline and everything.

Problem is, it doesn’t seem to work at all.

  • the devices let me know with an audio alarm that there’s movement, but when I go to check, there’s nothing in the timelne

  • even if I go find a segment of the timeline that says it has movement, it takes an infinite time to load (i.e. it never loads)

  • if I go to live view, it says it’s activating the device but never finishes

I don’t think it’s failed, it works just often enough to show that it *can* work (maybe 5% of the time).

I wish I could go back to the old simple interface - at least I could look at my cameras. This one is currently useless. If it continues, I may ship the whole thing back to Ring and try something more reliable.

Anything I can do to get this thing working?

Hey @DaveC426913. Do any of your events load from your event history, that is on the device’s profile page? Please go into the main menu, then devices, and then event history for any of your devices, and see if there is any motion events there that you can watch. In the meanwhile, I recommend to remove the Ring app, reboot your phone, and then redownload the Ring app. Please let us know what you find out in the event history and if redownloading the app helped!