App needs the feature already included in the web interface - select which cameras to see

In the app you cannot slecet to only view videos from one camera, you can only see “All Cameras” videos. Yet the web interface allows you to select to see videos from a drop down menu of any singular camera. We have a dozen+ cameras, and from the app it’s very difficult to manage them. UGH!

I can choose any camera to view by tapping it. You can move them around to get them organized by holding the camera and moving it where you want them. Hope this helps.

In the app, I suppose I should have mentioned the “Events History” - “History” - “Cameras” - my only singular choice is “All”. This is where there needs to be a drop down menu choice instead of only having “All”. The web interface has a drop down choice.

Hi @GoBananas! This can be accomplished by visiting the specific device in the Ring app and selecting the Event History tile from the device page. You are correct, it looks like there is not a way to do this when going directly to the Event History from the menu.

As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Tried it. It’s a so-so workaround, but clumsy and time consuming with way too many steps involved. They really need the app to include the feature the way it is in the web interface, so much easier to use. Thanks

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