App keeps opening and closing....says certificate isn't valid

Updating to latest app in play store doesn’t fix it either

Same happening to me. Did you get any answers on this?

My app dont work

This just started with my phone and my wife’s phone. We have force closed, reset cache and data, uninstalled, restarted our phones and it continues to happen. I’ve tried with both WiFi and data; both respond the same. Even after a fresh install it happens without having even tried to login. Using the website or an Alexa device connects fine and shows a live feed.

Both phones are Samsung Galaxy S7s.

Mine isn’t working either and i can’t get them on the phone

Glad to know I’m not alone. Long wait time to speak with someone and chat option is down.

I’m getting same issue as well. Just suddenly happened today

I had just posted in another message queue here and not 15 seconds later my phone app was able to log in and see the cameras.

It was definatly something on RING’s (Amazon) side of the business.

Mines doing the same. works on computer not the phone Galaxy 8. It keeps flashing by saying there is ancertificate validation error. I have a call into service.

Hi neighbors, I’m sorry to hear you were unable to log into the Ring app. Rest assured, our team has investigated this and it looks like it should be resolved currently. You can always keep up to date on the status of Ring here: Please let us know if there’s anything we can assist with in the meantime! :slight_smile:

My Ring app flipped out on me when trying to access my ring doorbell. The Ring doorbell is no longer in the app on my Samsung Note 9. When I tried to reinstall it the app would not let me scan the QR code because it is registered to the owner still. Guess what, I AM the registered owner. It is working just fine on my other smart devices. I finally just uninstalled the Ring app off my phone. Any help would be appreciated.

It has been resolved. When you open the app on a IOS device (iPhone/iPad) it showed an error message about a server connection problem. Not your fault!

Already solved. Android app works again.

Still not resolved on Android.

Hey neighbors! If you’re still having this concern, please reply with a screenshot of the error message you are seeing/receiving. :slight_smile: