App Keeps Logging Out on Mobile

My Ring app on my device logs me out every time the app “closes” - either by manually swiping to exit the app or by letting it eventually self-close by letting it stay in the background until it closes. This has only started happening in the last week or two - I’ve had my Ring devices and app for the last 3 years and have never had this issue.

When I log in, I see multiple instances of my phone’s name under Control Center → Authorized Client Devices, and I have tried deleting old instances of my phone and only leaving the active one under “This Device”, but I still end up logged out when closing the app.

“Minimizing” the app, in the sense of “swiping back to get to my home screen or a different app, but not actively closing the Ring app,” allows me to remain logged in, until Android does its normal cleanup process and closes apps that I haven’t reopened in a while.
Note that this behavior is new - up until about a week or so ago, this closing the app would keep me logged in.

This is making the app virtually unusable as now I have to remember to log in and check any motion alerts, as they’re no longer pushed to my phone since I’m not logged in.

There is no VPN on my phone, nor do I have AdGuard installed.

Ring App version: 3.62.0 (no update available in the Play store)
Android OS version: 13 (updated Aug 5, 2023)
Phone: Pixel 5

I had the exact same issue. Noted all of the same: version, logging out when closing with swipe, several instances of my device in the logs. All the same.

I just uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it. I’ve closed a few times now without being logged out. Took less than five minutes. It’s the exact same version and all, so not sure what was up. Guess I just needed to unplug it and plug it back in.

Hope this helps and works for you.


Hi @user56856. Typically, you should not be logged out of the Ring app unless you have not accessed it in over 30 days, or you cleared the app cache and data. I’d suggest looking through your phone’s storage and data settings to ensure nothing is automatically clearing the cache and data for the Ring app.

I’d also recommend trying what @AytchMarie mentioned, as an uninstall and fresh reinstall can often clear up performance issues with an app. In addition, make sure you do not have a VPN active on your phone when using the Ring app, or set it to exclude Ring traffic, as the Ring app is not compatible with VPNs.

Uninstall and reinstall worked.

As I had mentioned, @Caitlyn_Ring , I have no VPN on my phone. I’m not sure if it was tied to app cache, although I use the app frequently enough that I haven’t seen Android auto-clean-up of this app in particular due to its “lack of use”.

Regardless, a reinstall worked (yay!) and now I just need to go through and reconfigure the app as I’m not getting push notifications by default again.


@user56856 I’m glad to hear a fresh install of the app worked. Since you’ve reinstalled the app, double-check your permissions for notifications and run through the troubleshooting steps here. I hope that helps.

Reinstalling the app did not work for me (iphone). 3 days later it’s back to logging me out. No I do not have a VPN. I am sent an alert as if someone is at the door and when I tap the app, I am logged out. I have missed 2 doorbell rings due to the excessive requests for logging in and the two-step verification process which is a hindrance, not a help.

I also note that this has only happened since there was apparently a Ring update. Nothing looks the same, features moved around, etc.

Hi @user59015. If the steps mentioned in this thread did not help with your concern, the next best step would be to contact our support team for further assistance. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

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