App hasn't updated since yesterday

When I open on the app its still stuck on 12/15/22 and wont update. I rebooted my phone or swiped down and still stuck from the photo last night. I believe there was an update last night. Did that mess up my settings? Thanks

Hi @Cybotron. Can you please clarify which part of the Ring app appears to be stuck on a particular date? Feel free to share a screenshot to better demonstrate what you’re seeing.

I deleted the app and reinstalled it. I also cleared cache and restarted the phone. No more live view when I click on the app. I am using an android phone. It works on my wifes iphone. Heres a screenshot

Hi @Cybotron. Thank you for sharing that image. The Preview tile should update every 60 seconds or so, depending on the device. You can learn more about Camera Preview Tiles here. Also, try checking if you have any apps installed that conflict with the Ring app. I hope this helps!