app draining battery on android phone

I have the Ring app installed on 2 android devices, and it is draining the battery like crazy, even when I am not even using the app.

Anyone else have this happen and is there a solution other than un-installing the app.


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This is certainly odd to hear of, @Will77. Is there a battery diagnostic on your mobile device showing the RIng app as draining more power than other apps? When logged in but not in use, or idol in the background, the Ring app will continue to operate notifications. This alone should not drain mobile device battery. Try closing the Ring app from running in the background. In most cases, as long as you remain logged in to the Ring app, you can close the app while still receiving alerts and having quick access to video when needed.

I recommend also trying out the Rapid Ring app, which is a much smaller app designed to grant you the quickest access to your live view, or live events. This could save battery usage. As you are using an android, please also check for any apps that might conflict with the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I just installed Ring Doorbell Pro. It’s draining my phone rapidly. I am familiar with the stop app, use in the background, etc. It is not working. I may return my RING devices [as I plan to install the spotlight/camera this weekend] if this is an issue. I note many reports of the phone draining on account of the Ring app. Please advise. Thanks!

I’ve been having this problem as well - it’s gotten so bad that my phone will die within just a few hours if I don’t keep it plugged in. Accubattery is showing the phone draining 11% of it’s charge per hour overnight, and the battery usage page in settings shows the Ring app consuming a full battery charge over the past five days with only 14 minutes of active use. I’d be happy to work with the developers and provide logs for diagnosis.