App doesn't fully delete doorbell history

Apologies if this has already been reported.
I have the latest app installed under Android (3.67.1?) to access my wired doorbell.
If I tap History it shows thumbnails of all the videos. Top right is now a pencil icon where it used to say “Actions”. If I tap this i can select which videos to delete and then tap Delete. It allegedly deletes these videos as they disappear from the screen. However, if I say watch another video and then return to the history screen they are back. I can’t watch any as they have been deleted so I get an error message “Something went wrong”.
My solution thus far is that once I have tapped Delete and they disappear from the screen I then swipe down to refresh the screen and they finally go.
It seems to me that in the Delete code, after doing the deletions, there needs to be a refresh command before it exits.
Anybody have any comments on this?
Thanks Ian

Hi @user73647. I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring app on your phone to see if it helps. If not, please reach out to our support team to have this further investigated. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.