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I’m getting so bloody frustrated!! All I want is to be able to use my device. It’s still registered to previous owner and in all the help guides it says that as long as have latest version of app, upon trying to set the device up, I can request change of ownership. Absolutely nowhere on the app is this option.

I cannot customize my motion zones, I try adjusting the zone and the dot’s will not move. I have tried this on my iPhone and on both older version and my newer version iPads and have the same problem on all three. It’s a hit or miss situation what I mean by that, I will keep trying to move a dot over and over again and it will finally move a little and then stop. After doing this over and over again with no results I give up and leave it as is. The zones are no where near what I want them to be, but out of shear frustration they are what they are.