app 5.31.0 vs 5.18.3 new version loses devices old version fine

ipad has ring version 5.18.3 and phone has 5.31.0.

And i cannot turn off background app refresh on phome (bad).

i only have 2 ring devices, nothing fancy. on ipad everything works as it should.

both cameras clearly enabled and working. can live view each.

But phone first page on 5.31.0 is like an advertisement.

I am logged in but i cannot find where to see my cameeas.

Completely stumped what to do. I started to “add devices” but realized

it was a complete setup mode and wanted me to reset everything, amd

since it works on ipad, i really do not want to go through wifi setup all over.

The 5.31.0 app os tremendously confusing, who is this for?

I just want to see my camerasxwhen I want to, now the app does not even recognize

the cameras. Has anybody figured out how to see cameras in 5.31.0

Hi @generic00. I would first ensure that you are logged into both iPad and iPhone using the same email and password. Once that is confirmed, try checking the locations on the app to make sure you are on the correct location that has your devices. This should be able to help you locate your Ring devices on the app. Let me know if this works!