Apk availibility of previous Ring app versions

It looks like the latest version Ring Always Home app is not supported on Android 8.0.0 and unfortunately I cannot update my phone to a more recent Android version (LG G6+ with locked bootloader).
However I noticed a previous Ring app version (3.49) is compatible. Is there any official Ring repo where I could download the apk for this version ? (I found it on unofficial repo such as apkmirror, apkpure, etc… but I’d rather avoid these untrusted sources)
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The only version Ring is distributing is the one in the Google Play store.
Yes, unfortunately, with the cell phone industry phones only get updates for a couple years. You might look into the manufacturers that are supporting their phones 3+ years for your next one.
For myself, I typically don’t upgrade my phone until I’m forced to by an important app that I need to keep support with, such as banking.