Anyway to have a 24/7 live video on a video screen?

Is there any way to use an outdoor ring camera and have some sort of video screen inside that is showing a live stream 24/7? We would like to have this monitoring the parking lot at a warehouse and would like the front desk to have a live view on a screen all the time.

Havn’t seen any straightforward way to do this, anyone doing this?

Hi @ken123345. At this time, the longest your recordings will be when they detect motion will be 30-60 seconds, depending on if you have a battery or hardwired/powered device. For the Live View, you can only activate and pull it up to be ongoing and Live for up to 10 minutes. After this time, it will close/time out and you will have to prompt it to pull it up again. I recommend integrating your device with Alexa with an Echo Show, therefore you can have her pull up your Live View for whatever device whenever you need to see through it!