Anyone having false alerts recently?

Is anyone else having excessive alert alerts from the ring doorbell recently?? For the past week or so, my ring doorbell just randomly chimes like it detected motion, but theres never anything there. It happens at least 2-3times in the middle if the night, and 5-6 times during the day. I dont want to turn it off - that defeats the purpose in having it. Is there some new weather alert feature or something?? Its so frustrating !!

Yes, I’m having numerous false alerts on my wired front door bell for the past two weeks or so. It’s extremely annoying and renders the device virtually useless with all the false alarms. I’m looking for answers as to what can be done about this

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Yes, In the last two weeks or so , I’ve been getting excessive false notifications for no visible reason. Happens both day and night, makes device almost useless

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My ring doorbell chimes motion several times a day with no motion. Seems to be low in the sky winter sun shining on door bell. Doesn’t happen on overcast days. Any fix??

Has there been an update that is now making our existing units more sensitive ? I normally get 2 in a row when it hits now and review the videos and nothing is showing movement.

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Yes the last 2 weeks. Went off all day for 3 days when my husbands pick up was parked in front of the house. Goes off when people walk on the side walk even all the way across the street and when my neighbors come out their front door. Also When cars drive by, and when squirrels climb the tree. I have it on Minimum sensitivity and it still goes off all day and night. Makes it completely useless.

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folks -
Last nite we had false motion detection alerts at 12:05am, 12:35am, 1:04am, 1:33am, 2:02am, 2:30am, 3:32am and 4:32am (Eastern Time). Clear Skys, Winds were very low and 45deg. Ring battery is good. We have had the ring since oct 2019 and never seen this pattern! Reviewing the video shows no movement. It appeared only that 4-hour period.

Our Ring is tied to Amazon Alexa to get a voice announcement. We also have a Ring monitor subscription. Anyone else notice false motion alerts last nite? I don’t think my configuration changed, anything going on with amazon Alexa or Ring during that time frame? Hope this was a one-time event!

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Hi neighbors! False motion alerts could have various different causes, such as reflective surfaces in your Doorbell’s view and even the colder weather overall. This means that each situation could be different, and may require a different solution than what works for someone else. Sunlight reflecting off of various surfaces such as cars or other reflective surfaces could cause false motion alerts, as well as the cold weather of winter impacting the motion detection.

With that said, which model of Ring Doorbell are you experiencing these false alerts on? You can find the model of Doorbell you have on the original packaging, on the back of the Doorbell itself, or on the Device Health page in the Ring App. If you have any examples of false alerts, feel free to share those in this thread as well. I’d be happy to pass this information along to my team to see if they have any additional insight as well. :slight_smile:

Caitlyn -

So I guess my 2 questions are:

  1. Does ring push updates/upgrades to devices? And if so,
  2. Did ring push any changes out taking effect evening/nite of 7Feb2022 (EST)?

If you guys did not make any changes, then the issue is at my end. Amazon echo may be involved in this as well since we get the ring motion detected alert via echo voice announcement. (But we still get video recordings at the alert times.)

For the record, The Ring video doorbell has returned to normal operation 8Feb2022 mid-morning. No parked cars were moved, no changes in traffic patterns, weather, street lights, amazon echo/ring settings (or phase of the moon as far as I can tell!)

I’m gonna say everything is back to normal and chalk it up to MAGIC!


I am having the same issues. Ring Doorbell 2, not hooked to Alexa. For about a month or longer I have been getting motion altered every 30 min- hour. All day and all night. I am about ready to chuck it. The weather has been cold and warm it is not new but these do nothing alerts are.


I am also experiencing false alerts every 20 to 30 minutes. This just started yesterday. I set it to disarm and the alerts stopped. Defeats the purpose if I cannot enable the alerts. Please help!

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Using People Only mode is a great way to fine tune your alerts. As mentioned above, if it’s not clear whether a motion event contains people, due to lighting, weather or other conditions, you may still see a motion alert in your Timeline.

Please also check for any Linked devices you might have in the Ring app. Consider changing other motion settings and checking the environment for anything that might cause motion detection.

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I have two Doorbell 2 cameras and they have suddenly started giving me tons of false alerts. They are both battery powered so the knowledge article says I should NOT be running the new motion detection engine.

I live in the mountains so I don’t want to set detection to People only, as I want to know when animals are on the property. I keep adjusting my detection zones to where they’re almost unusable and yet it still goes off frequently. These false alarms, along with the already laggy notification times, make these cameras virtually useless to me.

Please tell me this is something Ring is aware of and working to fix in the next week…

I am having the same issue of many false notifications, 6 last night starting at 1:05 and agin this afternoon. Has there been any posted fixes?

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I uninstalled the Ring App, removed the doorbell from my home and deleted my account. It still went off. I removed the device from my WiFi and si far I haven’t received the annoying notifications. Don’t bother calling Ring they are useless.


I have had numerous false alerts as many as a dozen a day for the last two or three weeks. This ring doorbell was installed eight months ago and worked flawlessly for the first seven months now it’s just a piece of junk. I’ve tried everything such as resetting it removing everything in its view etc

People mode sounds like it might help, but Im not paying £35 a year for the feature!

Immediately after the expiration of the 30-day warranty period (Jan 30) with the trial video recording, my Ring doorbell started to throw off multiple false movement alerts. Nothing has changed, except the end of the warranty and the end of the free recordings.

Hi @Regnir. The 30 day trial is a trial of the Ring Protect plan, which is not the warranty. You can find warranty information for Ring devices here. The Ring Protect plan trial gives you access to the extra features that are not available without a subscription, including some motion settings. Since your trial has ended, I would highly suggest reviewing your Motion Zones and motion settings to ensure everything is set to your liking.

There are various different things that can cause motion to be detected, such as reflective surfaces in your Doorbell’s view or extreme weather conditions. Everyone’s home environment will differ, so there is not a single answer that works for everyone. It may take some trial and error to find what combination of motion settings works the best for your home. For more in-depth support, you can follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I have the same issue. Within the trial period, the ring doorbell gives me no false alerts, after the trial period I get multiple alerts per day. If I look, nothing is in front of the camera.

The ring should work without subscription, but it is useless without it because of this. Because if the trial I didn’t noticed this behavior, and now I’m to late to cancel the order and sent the doorbell back.