Anyone else think the Ring Doorbell 3 is not fit for purpose?

Hello all,

Mistakenly thinking that expensive must be better and assuming that ‘Ring’ was a name to trust, I recently purchased a Ring Doorbell 3 along with a chime.

After having ‘fun’ setting it up, I now find that, basically, its not fit for purpose!

We live in a house with real brick walls - not the paper-thin kind so often seen today - but that said, our WiFi works just fine and has done for years.

I have even put a wifi extender close to the doorbell button and the whole she-bang is less that 10 metres away from our router - but still we get missed/slow notifications!

So how do I go about getting my money back from Ring?

Has anyone ‘out there’ had similar issues/found an answer/got a refund?

I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who may be able to offer me some comfort on this issue! LOL

All the best

Sorry to hear about this experience @Dordio! Wifi is certainly one of the most important resources for Video Doorbell functionality. If your exterior walls are thick and solid, a wifi extender was a great thing to add to your setup. I recommend also ensuring your Doorbell is connected to your 2.4 Ghz wifi, rather than the 5 Ghz.

If you feel that this Doorbell is not a good fit for the environment, perhaps look into our Cameras. We even offer POE capable devices!

If you are needing a refund, please take a look at our refund policy, which also contains a link to start the request. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I made a big mistake by not returning the Ring 3, as the 2nd version that I still use took a bit of tweaking I wasted time and waited too long thinking that’s all it was.
The problem is both motion and delay of notifications.
It shows signal strength RSSI 41-53 on a high speed network.
With same signal The Ring 2 works fine and gets immediate notifications, Ring 3 I open door and sit down at the computer somethimes before it notifies my phone…
The motion settings can’t be adjusted to work correctly, won’t see someone 10ft away but a trash truck sets it off, fixed the trash truck issue by setting it for only ppl, but other than that it only tells me someone went all the way to my door, many times only gets the back of their head while they leave, set it at every level of sensitivity, changing all parameters to different settings, turning them on and off to find a combination that worked, nothing…
When I see how many other ppl sent theirs back, I lost confidence in the brand, especially since I thought mine could be set up and only got worse as time elapsed…
If anything, I just want ppl to know if you have trouble setting it up just return it, yet to hear of a successful story the same as mine.