Any workaround for this…?

So setting the system to Home, sets just the front and back door contact sensors on.

However, our furry friend sometimes likes to wake in the middle of the night, to go outside.

Now inevitably forget to disarm, as it’s normally very very early (late) in the morning, open back door, and siren goes off and wakes everyone up!

Is there any workaround that anyone has found for this scenario?

I have SmartThings, and used to arm that similar overnight, but that could be automatically disarmed if walked in front of a certain motion detector on way downstairs, then rearmed after all does shut, no motion, between certain times again. Wondering if anything similar.


I think this might be what the Quick Exit function is for. If you press the button on the contact sensor before you open the door it’ll allow you to open the door without disarming the whole alarm, then when you close it, it will automatically rearm for the next opening.


Hi @L1111. Just like @user26206 mentioned, the Quick Exit feature should work perfectly for letting your furry friend out early in the morning! After turning the feature on, you can press the button on your Contact Sensor to then open the door without needing to disarm the system. When your furry friend is ready to come back inside, press the button on the Contact Sensor again to open the door. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Has this feature just been added recently? It seems a decent workaround.

So can I press the button, open the door and leave it open, or do I have to shut it?

Just normally we open door, leave it open until dog comes back in. If can do this even better and I presume it arms automatically after shutting?

@L1111 Yes, when pressing the button on the Contact Sensor, it will blink green and you’ll have 30 seconds to open the door. While the door is open, the sensor is not armed. Once the door is closed again, that’s when the sensor will be rearmed, and you will need to either disarm the system or press the button on the Contact Sensor again to open the door without triggering the alarm.

Tested this out.

Enabled quick exit, alarmed in Home mode, pressed button and opened door fine, alarm didn’t sound.

However when I closed door again, it said alarm delayed arming, I have door delay on, and announced all of this, with loud countdown on base station. Not ideal at 2am in morning.

Is there no way to just, once door closed again, just arm it anyway and not announce and wake whole house up?

@L1111 There should be no sounds played when the Quick Exit feature is used, as long as the door is opened within 30 seconds of pressing the button on the Contact Sensor. Make sure you are using a Contact Sensor marked as a door in the Device Settings, not as a window. If this feature still doesn’t work correctly, it would be best to follow up with our support team so they can review the settings with you and see what’s going on. When contacting support, ensure you are requesting to speak with the Ring Alarm team specifically.