Any way to recover uncompressed Ring video?

We had a shooting nearby recently, and we appear to have video of the suspect walking by our house. Because it’s nighttime and he’s in motion, his features are largely masked by pixellation typical of video compression under these circumstances. Is there any way to recover the ‘original’ video where we’d get a better sense of some details?

(I assume not, that the compression is done by the Ring wired Security Cam that took the footage, but I though it worth asking).


Good question, @HK_VA7! At Ring we value both your security and your privacy. For this reason, your videos are only stored on your account. This also means that a Ring account that chooses to save videos via Protect Plan subscription, will also be the sole location for that recording. Thus, no other recordings exist outside of what you can view in your own Ring event history. This also means if a Protect Plan is cancelled or lapses, or the video storage time frame passes, videos are not recoverable.