Any way to disable the device from speaking?

I just set up my Ring Peephole doorbell. The main problem I have with it is during setup, and also particularly during the update, it would very loudly start speaking, saying something like “YOUR RING DEVICE IS UPDATING. WHEN THE THE LIGHT STOPS SPINNING IT’S DONE”.

It uses the external speaker for this. I live an apartment building and I really don’t want it to start blaring these unecessary notifications OUTSIDE my door into the hallway every time it updates, or any other reasons it might talk.

So Main Question: Does it do this for every update or just during the initial setup? Is there a way to disable it?

Hi @Angstrom. Your Doorbell will only play this audio upon its initial setup, or if it is ever disconnected from wifi and you manually walk through a new setup to reconnect it. Routine firmware updates will not play any audio like this, so you don’t need to worry about disturbing any of your neighbors. :slight_smile: