Any Way To Disable Cam When Home And Armed?

I’m new to the Ring System. I have a wired stick up cam in my living room primarily to observe when maintenance workers come in when I’m away. I really don’t want it chiming and recording video every time I walk through the room when I’m home for the evening. Is there any way to disable it when I select “Home and Armed” from the keypad?


Great question @RicKaysen . Currently this is not a feature of the Alarm or Cams. There is a motion snooze feature in your Cam settings that will allow you to avoid unnecessary notifications, but it’s based off time frame rather than by Alarm Mode. Also motion snooze will only prevent alerts, while the videos themselves will still record. This sounds like something you value, so I will go ahead and share this request with the team. :slight_smile:


FInally found this forum and I agree with Rick’s comments. Mine concerns are similar where I have installed (or am finishing installing) a mix of seven (7) Ring 2 and Stickup camera’s around the outside. The one’s intalled work great but almost too great in one way. When I walk the dog or he is in the yard, the camera’s are set off. When I cut the grass, the camera’s record me riding in circles. Battery life is down to about a month with a lot of the features turned off and zones setup. What would be great is to be able to activate motion detection via the alarm module or the phone app when I am home or away. I know all about the scheduler but that assumes I hold to a rigid schedule. I’m retired and you can guess how my shedule is durign the day. Please consider giving us the ability to control the camera’s via the alarm module with a Home/Away feature.


I’d also like to see a feature to disable inside cameras when the conditions: 1) NOT armed and away; or, 2) Home and armed are met. I will be holding off on camera purchases until this feature can be implemented. It could be a simple check box for both conditions. Thanks!


It sounds like you would be interested in our upcoming Modes feature! Modes will allow you to control all Ring devices based on 3 custom modes, including a disarmed mode which can disable all cameras. Check out our Community post on Modes to learn more :slight_smile:

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Please could you update your support teams on this upcoming feature.

I called twice this morning and spoke to two people about generic ring and one specialist about security…

To all I asked how I arm / disarm the cameras in one step - they all said no mass option.

I asked if they would work with the security keypad / alarm system, to be told no, these are two independent systems that just share the app.

Lastly, I asked about modes as I had seem this from some searching and an article on Ring for Business… again no clue.

My conclusion was to pack the cameras up and put them in the bin, reverting to my Synology based solution. Good to hear that there is indeed a solution soon to arrive.

@Marley_Ring - can you try to get someone to answer the frustrated thread around modes please…

Promised in November - now just deathly silence…

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I checked out the settings for all 3 modes. It lists all sensors and motion detectors but does not show the Cams so I cannot customize the behaviour of Cams in each mode. This is very important feature. I am using the latest update as of now.

You have to wait for the new update to the Modes feature

Is there a way to only have camera recording when in Away or Home armed modes?

I don’t want it to record when we’re disarmed and at home. It’s just picking us up wandering about…!


I see that the last post was end dec. when is the updates expected to disable cameras is disable or home mode

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This a long waiting feature that should be imemented from the first day. I’m wondering how Ring designers overlooked this important thing. I’m upset that the feature is not there yet and stopped buying cams until this is implemented