Any way to Auto-Record on a schedule?

tl;dr… any way to auto-record once a day?

I have a Ring doorbell on a second home. Works great. I like to see the weather & environment daily, so I try to remember to view it once a day, but sometimes I can’t, or don’t remember. Is there a way to get it to record once a day? It only records now if there’s motion, or I manually view it. I’m looking for a way to automate a daily recording.


Hi @astrohip. There is no auto-recording setting available. If you have a Ring Protect plan on this Doorbell, you can utilize the Snapshot Capture feature to have snapshot images taken at a regular interval. That way if you forget to check the Doorbell, you can still view snapshot images to get an idea of what the weather and environment looked like that day. I hope this helps!

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