Any option for returning after 30 days?

I’m one of those who was burned by having pre-ordered the Ring Car Cam and then stuck with it well past the 30 day return window in the hope that some of the intolerable deficiencies would be remediated at some point via software updates – i.e., the inability to download more than 20 second clips (which are not even the 20 seconds you wanted!), the inability to view via the interface, the poor video quality probably due to overcompression, the fact that it shuts down too soon after parking to be of any use for security, etc.

I’m willing to take less than what I paid, or even credit to apply to my home security system’s protect plan, but if I can’t get anything for it, the landfill might be the fate of this along with a complete financial loss for the cost of it for having trusted Ring to produce a quality product or at least make it better than it was at launch, neither of which happened. I feel as if I was badly misled about what I could expect from this product and further misled about Ring’s commitment to remediating many of these shortcomings via software updates. Not a single improvement has appeared. Anyway, maybe I can get a few dollars on eBay from some poor sap who doesn’t need a webcam to actually do anything useful, but more likely it’ll just be landfill material.

So has anyone else had any relief when trying to get something after the return window? An outright refund, partial refund, credit, etc.? And what’s the avenue for me getting the same?