Answered Ring?

I am at work and I see I missed a ring. When I look at the history it says Front Door ANSWERED RING in green. Who answered it? Does this mean my doorbell is hacked? Please explain.

Hi @IamnotsurewhyIbought. If possible, can you share a screenshot of the message you’re seeing in the Ring App? Additionally, do you have any Shared Users or anyone else who uses your Ring account to view the Doorbell? I’d be happy to offer some help once I have a better idea of what you’re seeing on your end. :slight_smile:

I had same issue today?? Was this part of the health check ?? No one was at my house!!

Here is the log

Hi @gelton67. Stepping in for Caitlyn here. An Answered Ring notification indicates that you viewed the event on your phone or tablet. If you ignore the message that “someone is at your front door”, it will read as Missed Ring. Once you acknowledge the notification, it will report as Answered Ring. This could be from you, or a shared user. To manage the Client Devices that have access your account, read this Community article for more information. I hope this helps!