Answered Call

My dashboard shows that I have “answered call” status when someone presses the doorbell button but I never did an action to answer the call. My set up is that I have an echo show 5 setup to display an automatic feed of the ring video to my echo show i.e. whenever someone presses the ring doorbell button. My issue is that it should not provide " answered status " if no action is performed on my part. Does the echo show 5 automatically registed an answered status? At times it would not even provide the live feed but it will register "answered call " status. Pls help

Hi @Nefarious. Since the Echo Show is activating the Live View when the Doorbell is pressed, it is considered answered as the Live View is pulled up. It’s listed as answered in the Ring App because the notification is technically answered. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

Hi - I had the same question here too…

But I would argue that just because its displayed on an Echo Show, that’s not the expectation an end user would have to say it was “Answered”.

For example, without Ring, I wouldn’t say I answered a door-knock just because I could see the person through the glass on the door… it’d be when I engaged with the person at the door (i.e. spoke to them).

It sounds to me like Ring and Amazon need to expand out on the APIs a little more here. Otherwise that’s a feature that Ring+Echo users lose out on (knowing who answered the door). At the very least it should show more detail like “Answered by Davids Echo5” so you can see which device answered.

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