Answer doorbell while in phone call

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Hi, I received my Ring video doorbell 3 pro for Christmas and today I was out and on a phone call on my iPhone 8 and I got a notification that someone had rang the doorbell. I switched over to the app and the screen kept changing orientation as I was trying to get it to load up the viewing screen. I finally got it to stay in landscape mode and then I was clicking on the mic mute button on and off but was unable to get the person at the door to hear me. I was the postman and he just kept on writing in his notes as I was saying hello over and over. My question is because I was already in a telephone call does that take over the priority of the phones microphone or should the person at the door have been able to hear me as well? Otherwise would I have to hang up the phone call before I can answer doorbell?
Any help appreciated,
Thank you

Hi there, @Davehooper! Great observation on the phone call audio and Ring app audio relation. This may vary by mobile device type, but most mobile devices only allows certain types of audio to be prioritized. As the Ring app utilizes two way audio and streams answered events live for two way talk, this is likely using the same audio profile as your phone call. We also recommend bluetooth and vpn be disabled when streaming an event. If you have a mobile device that is often active on phone calls, keeping another mobile device with the Ring app could help, as could Alexa integrations with routines for answering your Doorbell. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: